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Tonehjulet Kräftpest
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General info
Lucky Malice delivers hard-hitting and uncompromising riot grrrl-punk. Their songs are catchy and melodious. They are a power trio emerging as one of the trendsetting bands of feminist punk rock in Norway.
They have been a band since 2004, and played uncountable number of shows in Scandinavia and Europe. With their biggest passion in life playing punk rock, they give it all on stage.  With big smiles and a tight set, they are all over the place, making sure that you enjoy the concert just as much as they do.
They have released three albums Misfit (2017, Tonehjulet Kräftpest), Lucky Malice (2013, Tonehjulet Kräftpest), Homme Fatale (2013, Tonehjulet Kräftpest),  an EP, “Young and breatless” (2008, Tonehjulet Kräftpest), and two split EPs Split EP with Göttemia (2010, Tonehjulet Kräftpest) and “Handicap” with Danger!Man (2016 Tonehjulet Kräftpest/ Boss Tunage/ Sjakk Matt plater). You can buy almost all the records on vinyl at  Tonehjulet’s Bandcamp, and you can download the music digitally.

Info in Norwegian

Lucky Malice har levert fengende, flerstemt pop i rå og upolert pønkrock-drakt siden 2004. Trioen har reist Europa rundt og besøkt mang en undergrunnsperle, og live kan man forvente en tight eksplosjon av energi og livsglede.

Lucky Malice har gitt ut plater på sitt eget DIY plateselskap, Tonehjulet Kräftpest. Tre album, Homme Fatale, (2012), den selvtitulerte Lucky Malice (2013) og Misfit (2017), tre EPer, Young and Breastless (2008), Split Ep (2010) med Göttemia og Handicap (2016) med Danger!man. De fleste platene kan du kjøpe på vinyl på Tonehjulet’s Bandcamp, men finnes også digitalt på det store internett.

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